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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words;

Quality advertisements speak for themselves.


(Design Only) Flyers, posters, Bookmarks, Postcards, etc.

Photo Ad | Little Star, Little Star Do You Know Who You Are?

Photo Ads


Adding photos to your ads can give them just the right touch, especially if you are an author. They also tend to get more views. However, keep in mind: In order to create high-quality photo ads, your photos have to be high quality as well. They don't have to be professionally done, just make sure they look nice & bright and the file size is large enough to get a good-quality print.


Digital Ads include 

Social Media/Book Clubs:

post images, cover photos, profile pictures, and still-image stories. Web banners & images

Print Ads include (Design Only)

Flyers, posters, Bookmarks, Postcards, etc.

Preferred Formats:

JPEG, PDF, & PNG Files

Final Proofs:

Delivered by way of email.

Pricing varies according to what's needed and how detailed you want your ad to be.


Contact Information

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