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Wendy Burke


To inspire Childlike Faith throughout the nations.

 I am a graphic designer, artist by nature, blogger, & a children's book author & illustrator. My goal is to re-ignite a passion for God in the hearts of families, parents, and children all around the world and to inspire a faith that will carry them through anything life throws their way.


I too, am a mother and wife learning, through the scriptures how to raise my family with child-like faith, integrity, and honor. It has not always been an easy road, but my husband and I are learning that if we stand together as a family, grounded in the Word of God, we can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances and come out on the other side victorious every time.

On a more personal note; art and childcare have always come naturally to me. In fact, as a child, my siblings jokingly called me "mom number 2." I worked in childcare for nearly 30 years, and have volunteered in the children's ministry of New Life Church Int'l since the age of 13; where I still enjoy volunteering all these years later. 

I tend to be a bit on the quiet side, especially in a large crowd. However, I am a firm believer in good communication - first & foremost with my heavenly Father and my family. My husband and I have spent many, many late nights up in conversation with our kids building a foundation of faith in them; by teaching them how to stand firm on the Word of God for themselves so that they too can live victoriously in every aspect of their own lives.

My Story

Wendy grew up in a broken home, was bullied by her peers, and was ruled by the fear of the opinion of others. As a result she closed herself up in her room and taught herself how to draw. It was the one place she had control over; her safe place. As the years went by her family began going to church and little by little she started to open up as she learned about the love of God and forgiveness. She had finally found a place, outside of home, where she felt loved and accepted.

At 16 her aunt gave her a collection of integrity music, which was basically scripture put to music. Through her faith in God, a constant feed of those positive lyrics and reading her bible her self-esteem began to grow. Over time she learned how to let go of the past and forgive those that had hurt her. She learned the value that words hold, how they affect your self-worth, and how they can impact the world around you.

She pursued her passion for children as a childcare provider for many years then began transitioning into the world of Graphic design in 2011. In 2015 God gave her the idea for her first children’s book. The heart of her stories, though simple and sweet, ring out a strong and powerful faith based message. If you raise a child to believe in the power of their words while they are young, they will grow up with a positive outlook on life; nothing shall be impossible for them and they will have a bright and successful future.

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Follow Wendy as she shares her world, her faith, her art & positive outlook on life.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (TPT)
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