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Jesus Makes Me Fruit-Tabulous - Coloring Book Edition!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Inspired by the storybook, kids of all ages can now enjoy this adorably illustrated, coloring book edition of Jesus makes me Fruit-Tabulous. From start to finish there are 40 pages filled with the beloved, delightful, happy little fruit characters found in the storybook along with even more positive little messages inspired by the word of God.

This is not just simply another coloring book. It’s a resource that can be used alongside the storybook to help build your child’s faith even stronger and send their self-confidence soaring to new heights!

SHOP & SAVE! Buy the coloring book & get a signed copy of the storybook at a discounted rate. This offer will only be available while supply lasts and can only be ordered directly from me so click the link below and place your orders today!

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