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The Power of A Name

First words matter! You might say, what does that have to do with my name? Stick with me and you will see. A few months ago I was watching The Victory Channel's "Believer's Voice of Victory." Kenneth Copeland and Greg Stephens were talking about the power of your words. (Words Are Spiritual Containers | Kenneth Copeland Ministries ( They began to even talk about the importance of what you name your children because it's what you are calling forth every time you call your child's name.

As my husband and I were talking about it I asked him to look up our names and the names of our kids to see what they meant. It was amazing to see the connection between our personalities and our names. The more I thought about it, I began to wonder. If that's what our names say about us individually, what would that say about our family as a whole if you were to put them all together? And there it was again, the power of words, but this time I saw it from a whole different perspective (viewpoint), and the word "UNITY" came to mind.

They say there are two things in life that you have no say in. Your parents and your family. These are two things that God brings into play and when you have unity within your home you become a powerful force. It's no wonder the devil is working harder than ever to destroy families around the world.

Charles Chason Burke

- Free man, strong, hardy: capable of enduring difficult conditions; a fortified hill or castle -(fortified: provided with defensive works as a protection against attack)

Wendy Lynn

- Friend, lake: often refired to as a peaceful place -

Jerimiah Daniel

- God will uplift, God is my judge -

Chloe Marie

- blooming or fertility: full of life; star of the sea -

If you put all of these meanings together as a whole, our family is: strong, hardy; capable of enduring difficult conditions; We are provided with defensive works as a protection against attack; We are friendly; a large body of water often refired to as a peaceful place; one that God will uplift. It is blooming and full of life. Like the star of the sea, it is a trustworthy guide for sailors drifting by. WOW! That's powerful!

If God thought it important enough to change Abram's name to Abraham, Saul to Paul, and others in the bible then we need to place more value on what we are naming our kids. Think about it.. each time you call your child's name, what are you calling forth and what does that say about your family as a whole?

FUN FACT: Something I just learned and find fascinating was during the Middle Ages, the North Star went by the name, Stella Maris. Stella Maris is Latin for “Star of the Sea.” The same meaning as our daughter's name. My latest book "Little Star, Little Star, Do You Know Who You Are?" is also centered around the North Star. It's a book that was birthed out of a conversation we had with our son about knowing who you are as a child of God & the value you hold. Little did I know that very the book that I had just published & dedicated to my kids, has a direct link to the meaning of our daughter's name. Wow! Isn't that something?

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